Anatomy of the Modern Learning System


  • Description

      Training Industry research consistently points to the importance of efficient, well-designed processes in building high-performing training organizations. The Anatomy of the Modern Learning System explores how these processes should align, in a complex modern learning organization faced with pressures to improve performance and control costs. 

      “This research provides key insights that should trigger learning leaders, and the entire C-suite, to look at their training programs and begin to modify them into learning ecosystems that address professional learning paths.”

      – Matthew Prager, Executive Training Manager, United States Government

      In this report, you will learn:


      • How addressing training as a system, and developing strong processes within that system, are key to developing highly effective learning programs
      • How training delivery modalities influence learning outcomes and align with learner preferences
      • The role of data in ensuring alignment between learning programs and business conditions and demands
      • The role of microlearning and individualization in the modern learning system to enable a more efficient use of resources and more effective business outcomes