What Makes a Training Organization Great?


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      • Critical Opportunities for Improvement
      • Learning in 2020 and Beyond
      • Go from Good to Great
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      Critical Opportunities for Improvement

      Discover the process capabilities and practices that define great training organizations. This report gives you the first-ever in-depth look at the factors that differentiate high-performing training functions and offers you actionable insights and recommendations to apply to improve your training organization’s processes and performance.

      • Benefit from the input of more than 3,300 training professionals at 1,500+ organizations
      • Explore actionable insights you can apply to your organization
      • Learn the 8 essential process capabilities of high performing training organizations
      • Discover the critical opportunities from your organization to go from good to great!

      Learning in 2020 and Beyond

      As the world (and the world of work) changes, training departments like yours have an unprecedented potential to create tremendous impact through the continuous cultivation of increasingly diverse and adaptable skills within your workforce. Given your pivotal role in maintaining an ever-changing workforce, understanding the key factors impacting your training organization’s functioning has never been more important.

      The highest-performing training organizations are process-oriented, focused on a holistic view of the training function and how its parts interact. They seek to deeply understand problems and have systems in place that allow them to investigate and identify solutions that work in combination to propel their businesses forward. This process-oriented approach offers a critical competitive advantage to the business they support.

      Go from Good to Great

      By evaluating the input of thousands of training professionals, this report provides a number of insights that can help you shift your training organization from good to great, including trends in training organization functioning, as well as the key process capabilities that comprise great training and their associated best practices. Included with the report are two job aids designed to help you apply the findings in your own company.

      Specifically, this report centers around eight process capabilities that over a decade of research has consistently identified as the drivers of great training organization performance:

      • Strategic alignment
      • Content development
      • Delivery
      • Diagnostics
      • Reporting and analysis
      • Technology integration
      • Administrative services
      • Portfolio management

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