What Learners Want: New Strategies for Training Delivery


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      • What You Will Learn
      • Why We Did the Research
      • Why It Matters
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      What You Will Learn

      This updated research report sheds light on the most popular training delivery strategies and best practices for learners to help you:

      • Gain a better understanding of the implications of different delivery methods.
      • Understand the impact of offering preferred training methods.
      • Understand how learners react to training delivery strategies.

      Why We Did the Research

      The report provides recommendations on how to deliver training to ensure it achieves business outcomes and answers the following questions:

      • What do learners want?
      • What do learners think is most effective?
      • Are learners getting the experience they want?
      • Do learner choices matter?

      Why It Matters

      Did you know only 21% of employees believe their training is always effective? Our new report explores the concept of learner preferences, how preferences may lead to higher engagement and how to avoid the pitfalls of lackluster training. Keeping up with learning trends sets employees and businesses up for success from the get-go.

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