Training in the Time of COVID: How Learning and Development is Responding


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      • What you will learn
      • Who should read the report?
      • Why we did the research
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      What you will learn:

      This report details how learning and development (L&D) professionals have been affected by COVID-19 across several areas and includes industry-specific results. Download the report to:

      • Discover which industries have more readily risen to the challenge, and which industries have struggled to pivot during the crisis.
      • Explore spending trends across four key investment areas, including learning technologies, learning services, courses and customer education.
      • Learn in which industries stakeholders’ needs are not yet fully understood or served by L&D leadership.
      • Understand the need for solutions providers to increase awareness by industry.

      Who should read the report?

      Any L&D leader seeking a better understanding of the market and challenges shared with their colleagues, including chief learning officers (CLOs), executives and leaders, and training managers.

      Product, marketing and sales leaders working for suppliers in the corporate training industry.

      Why we did the research:

      The L&D plans created at the beginning of 2020 have been quickly adjusted to face new realities and restrictions. This report explores, and seeks to quantify, that strategic change. This insight is valuable for both L&D leaders and suppliers in the corporate training market today — and offers critical insight on developing L&D plans for 2021.


      • Training Industry primary research.
      • Report totals 16 pages
      • Includes multiple charts and graphs to visualize data and trends
      • Available immediately as a PDF download.

      Table of Contents