The State of the Leadership Training Market


  • Description

      • Understand the Market
      • Why We Did the Research
      • What You’ll Learn
      • Table of Contents and Executive Summary

      Understand the Market

      Our annual report on the leadership training market provides an overview of current training and sourcing practices in companies that partner with training organizations to use leadership development programs to facilitate the growth and development of their managers and individual contributors.

      These insights will help you understand the leadership training market and the evolution into virtual leadership development.

      The report also contains a snapshot of leadership development sourcing practices and highlights Training Industry’s Top 20 Leadership Training Companies. Our market segment intelligence is derived from over 15 years of corporate training marketplace analysis and sizing. We have compiled this data from over 500 training and development vendor submissions to our annual Top 20 awards lists.

      Why We Did the Research

      We’ve always known the importance of effective leadership, which is why leadership training has been one of the largest and fastest-growing segments of the training market. Training Industry introduced the Top 20 Companies Lists for leadership training in 2010 to help L&D professionals locate the best potential training partner for their organizations’ needs. This report uses data and market insights to cover changes in the leadership development market over time, the size of the current market, universal and emerging topics, and trends based on our Top 20 Leadership Training Companies List.

      What You’ll Learn

      This report provides current insights on sourcing practices within the leadership training market, including:

      • The size of both the global training market and the leadership training market.
      • Changes in the leadership training market due to COVID-19.
      • Universal and emerging leadership development topics.
      • Trends and sourcing practices in the leadership training market.
      • Training Industry’s 2021 Top 20 Leadership Training Companies.

      Table of Contents