The State of the IT and Technical Training Market


  • Description

      • Understand the Market
      • Why We Did the Report
      • What You'll Learn

      Understand The Market

      IT and Technical Training is necessary in jobs that require some level of competence in skill sets such as computer science, network administration, IT management, cloud computing and telecommunications. IT training is specific to the skills required in an IT profession, while Technical training teaches the skills needed to design, implement, maintain, support or operate a particular technology or related application, product or service

      Our market segment intelligence is derived from more than 15 years of corporate training, marketplace analysis and sizing. We have compiled this data from more than 600 training and development vendor submissions to our annual Top 20 awards lists.

      Why We Did The Report

      IT training and technical training is one of the few professions that provided many virtual and on-demand offerings prior to the pandemic, allowing organizations to continue sourcing training for their employees, especially during a time of heightened need for security and remote capabilities.

      This report uses data and market insights to cover changes in the IT training and Technical Training market over time, the size of the current market, popular subject areas and trends based on our IT and Technical Training Companies application.

      We hope that with this information you will be able to make informed decisions to meet your organization’s training needs this year, and we hope you gain competitive market intelligence in the IT and Technical Training market.

      What You'll Learn

      This report provides current insights into the IT and Technical Training market including:

      • The size of both the global training market and the IT and Technical Training market.
      • What industries are sourcing what types of training.
      • Popular subject areas and platform features.
      • Trends in the IT and Technical Training market.
      • Training Industry’s 2021 Top 20 IT and Technical Training Companies.