The AI Advantage in L&D: A Strategic Guide


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      • What You'll Learn
      • Why We Did the Research
      • Why It Matters
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      What You'll Learn

      This e-book explores the increasing impact of artificial intelligence (AI) and large language models (LLMs) in the field of learning and development (L&D). It highlights the growing interest in AI and the attitude of L&D professionals toward its use. Learn how adopting a human-first approach and leveraging AI as a tool can enhance L&D efforts and help navigate the changing technological landscape successfully.

      This e-book shares data-backed insights on:

      • L&D’s reception of AI.
      • Best practices for using AI in L&D.
      • The capabilities of AI for L&D related to:
        • Content development.
        • Content delivery.
        • Supporting employees.

      Why We Did the Research

      Recent polling of the L&D community conveys a recurring theme — there is much uncertainty surrounding AI and its potential applications and ethical considerations. The goal of this research is to help learning leaders look at AI not as a threat, but as a rich opportunity. By outlining the potential applications in L&D, we hope to equip leaders with the necessary information to ethically and effectively use AI for organizational and employee benefit.

      Why It Matters

      AI is a transformative force in L&D, reshaping how knowledge is imparted and skills are honed. Through personalized learning paths, automated administrative tasks and data-driven insights, AI optimizes efficiency and effectiveness in training programs. By leveraging AI, L&D professionals can create tailored, scalable and forward-looking learning experiences that cater to individual needs and foster a dynamic, future-ready workforce. Learn how to harness the power of AI and how it impacts you.

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