What Learners Want: Strategies for Training Delivery


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      Why We Did This Research

      This updated research report sheds light on the most popular training delivery strategies for learners. Leverage this report based on 1,290 learners of all generations to:

      • Gain a better understanding of the implications of your delivery method choice
      • Understand the impact of using preferred training methods
      • Understand how learners react to training delivery strategies
      • See how the COVID-19 pandemic affected learner experiences and preferences
      • View recommendations on which methods are best suited for each topic.

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      Training Industry’s 2021 updated report “What Learners Want: Strategies for Training Delivery” gathered responses from 1,290 learners, 1,001 in 2017 and 289 in 2020, (representative of all generations) working full time who had participated in training within the past year.

      What You'll Learn

      The report provides recommendations on how to deliver training to ensure it achieves business outcomes. Specifically, you will learn when to use various training delivery strategies based on the topic trained and the type of learners, as well as how these insights were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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