What Learners Want: Strategies for Training Delivery


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      Why We Did the Research

      This research sheds light on the training delivery strategies that learners most prefer. By focusing not only on how learners want to learn, but also on the match between what they want and what we're doing, you'll gain a better understanding of the implications of your delivery method choice.

      Training professionals have choices when it comes to training delivery method, ranging from more traditional methods, such as classroom-based, instructor-led training, to newer, less established methods, like virtual and augmented reality.

      Learners also have options in the way they learn; if they don’t like the way training is delivered, they can access information in other ways (e.g., Google and YouTube), where they run the risk of misinformation.

      Understanding how learners react to training delivery strategies is critical for ensuring that they are engaging with training content and that training programs are effective.


      Training Industry’s 2018 report “What Learners Want: Strategies for Training Delivery” gathered responses from 1,001 learners (representative of all generations) working full time who had participated in training within the past year.

      What You'll Learn

      The report provides recommendations on how to deliver training to ensure it achieves business outcomes. Specifically, you will learn when to use various training delivery strategies based on the topic trained and the type of learners. 

      Table of Contents