Leadership Development: The Executive Experience


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      Why We Did the Research

      Leadership development is one of the most critical investment areas in corporate learning and development (L&D). Such programs target company leaders, often the most highly visible learners in a company. Does this mean these programs are of the highest quality? This research report answers questions and shares insights about the leadership development programs that serve executives.

      The goal of this research was to examine how executives view the effectiveness of leadership development programs, the delivery methods they commonly encounter, and how both company culture and the leader’s attitudes impact training outcomes. Our findings reveal fresh insights into:

      • What executives think about their training
      • The training they receive and how it's delivered
      • How the quality of leadership development impacts executives' attitudes toward their companies and their roles as leaders


      Training Industry’s 2019 report “Leadership Development: The Executive Experience” gathered responses from 264 executives and senior organizational leaders from companies based in North America. 

      Why It Matters

      It is critical for learning leaders to understand how executives view the quality of the training they receive and how it impacts outcomes at multiple levels. This report will help you frame executive learning as an activity that not only drives performance but that also shapes the way executives relate to their leadership roles.

      "This report is a must-read for learning and development professionals. If you are building or maintaining a leadership program, you’ll find the data discovered through this research a useful guide." – Dr. Theresa R. Horne, M.Ed, CPTM

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