Executive Perspectives on the Business of Impact of L&D


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      Why We Did the Research

      Securing executive buy-in can make or break the success of your training function. When executives understand the value of investing in L&D, the training department benefits through more freedom and resources to drive business success. But how do executives really feel about L&D? And what can you do to impact their view from the top? Insights from this research report provide information about how executives view the strategic importance of L&D and equip you with the knowledge you need to make a case for the vital role of L&D in your organization.

      The objective of this research project was to take a deeper look at where the gap exists between current practice and best practice from the point of view of senior organizational leaders. Our findings reveal fresh insights into:

      • What executives think about how L&D supports business goals,
      • How training meets the needs of the company,
      • The business challenges that impact the need for L&D programs, and
      • How the strategic approach of a company impacts these needs and challenges. 


      Training Industry’s 2018 report “Executive Perspectives on the Business Impact of L&D” gathered responses from 264 executives and senior organizational leaders from companies based in North America.​

      Why It Matters

      For learning leaders, it is critical to understand how executives see the role of L&D at their companies in order to engage with them on how to improve training. Our findings suggest that most executives are receptive to promoting training as a source of competitive advantage. The report will help you frame training as something to be optimized, rather than an expenditure to be minimized.

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