Navigating the L&D Tech Stack: Strategies for Modern Organizations


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      • What You'll Learn
      • Why We Did the Research
      • Why It Matters
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      What You'll Learn

      This report explores learning technology stacks and their role in learning and development (L&D).

      In this e-book, you’ll find these data-backed insights into learning tech stacks:

      • The current state and emerging trends in this landscape.
      • How they have evolved and how their composition can differ geographically.
      • Strategic considerations for incorporating these technologies in L&D initiatives.
      • The importance of aligning learning technologies with business goals.

      Why We Did the Research

      This e-book was developed to help organizations:

      • Make informed decisions about their learning technology investments.
      • Create effective learning environments that support employee growth and organizational success.
      • Curate an effective learning technology stack for their organization that meets the needs of today as well as tomorrow.

      Why It Matters

      As the market of training solutions morphs and progresses, learning technology stacks will continue to evolve, incorporating new platforms and tools that enhance the learner experience and drive organizational success.

      This e-book provides insights into the current landscape of learning technologies, their evolution and their use by organizations, highlighting key considerations for organizations when evaluating, implementing and optimizing their learning technology stacks.

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