Empowering the Modern Workforce: Rethinking the Learner Experience in Training


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      What You'll Learn

      The purpose of this e-book is to challenge assumptions about how the experience of training looks and feels to today’s employees, including insights about:

      • Where learners and learning leaders may perceive the process of training and its effectiveness differently, and the crucial areas where their perspectives do and don’t align.
      • How to implement suggested practices to bridge communication gaps, along with strategies focused on learner engagement, impact demonstration and evaluation metrics.
      • When generational differences matter in training (and when they don’t), as well as how to recognize age-related nuances in learning strategies.

      Why We Did the Report

      Having insight into the training experiences of employees in modern workplaces is critical, since organizations without such information may find it difficult to assess the efficiency of current training programs and suggest areas for development. With this information, businesses can make more informed strategic decisions regarding resource allocation and investment in training projects and solutions that stand a better chance of making an impact that meets the diverse demands of a multigenerational workforce.

      Why It Matters

      Employees are the “make or break” stakeholder in L&D. Without the engagement of learners in training, there’s nothing to report to any of the other stakeholders except disappointment. Yes, employees may be “in training,” but mere attendance does not necessarily equate to learning. It’s crucial that learning leaders have insights into the full scope of experiences that employees have in training, in addition to how technology, remote work and other factors affecting modern organizations have pushed traditional classroom models into new and exciting territory.

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