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      What You’ll Learn 

      The Measuring the Impact of L&D Certificate program provides you with actionable tools, a tailored evaluation plan and valuable discussion with other L&D professionals to help you confidently approach the training measurement and evaluation process. Founded in Training Industry’s Training Manager Competency Model™, this program will equip you with the tools you need to measure the value of your L&D initiatives with sound and practical research techniques.

      After earning this certificate, you will be able to:

      • Identify the most appropriate measurement strategy based on your unique training program.
      • Identify the proper methods and sources for gathering training and development data based on your evaluation plan.
      • Communicate training and development results to an executive audience.
      • Apply your knowledge of measurement to real-world scenarios with realistic constraints.

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      Who Should Take This Course?

      The Measuring the Impact of L&D Certificate course is designed for learning leaders who want to better understand training measurement from a research-backed — but real-world experience-based — perspective. The program is ideal for anyone looking to develop an evaluation plan for their L&D programs.

      There are no prerequisites to register. This course offers foundational knowledge in training measurement and evaluation as well as advanced concepts and methodologies. This certificate is ideal for anyone seeking to further their L&D career.

      What to Expect 

      Before the program, you will receive a student workbook that you will use throughout the course. You will continue to have access to this digital resource after completing the course.

      Upon completion, you will be awarded a certificate of achievement and a digital badge to designate your expertise with your network on social media.

      This virtual certificate program takes place over two four-hour sessions.

      Learn how the Measuring the Impact of L&D certificate can help you earn recertification credits for other leading HR and training certifications, including SHRM and ATD credentials.

      Team Discount

      Training Industry Courses' programs align your team around research-based best practices based in the Training Manager Competency Model. For maximum value and business impact, customize a program to develop your entire learning and development (L&D) team.

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      Average: 5 Stars

        • Really learn HOW, WHEN, and WHAT to measure! This is not just another discussion about how important it is to measure the impact of your training. This excellent certificate course will help you develop an actual plan to measure the impact of your training as fully as possible. You’ll learn what and how and when to measure. You will receive helpful samples, be led in useful discussion, and be taught by an excellent and highly knowledgeable facilitator. You will come away feeling truly qualified to measure the impact of your learning and development programs.”
        • Gain practical measuring skills! This course is not just another discussion about how important it is to measure the impact of your training programs. You will learn practical skills and multiple methods of measuring the impact. The instructor is excellent, the materials useful, and the experience top-notch.”

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