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      What You’ll Learn 

      The Managing Learning Technologies Certificate program offers an overview of the complex array of learning technologies used within the training function. In this program, you’ll learn how to manage learning technologies to optimize their business benefits, including improved efficiency, integration, collaboration and more.

      After earning this certificate, you will be able to:

      • Differentiate between various learning technologies on the market.
      • Determine which learning technologies are best suited to your organization’s specific needs.
      • Discuss the learning technologies management life cycle.
      • Integrate technologies to optimize the business impact of L&D.

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      Who Should Take This Course?

      The Managing Learning Technologies Certificate course is designed for learning leaders seeking to understand the benefits of various learning technologies and gain strategies for successful implementation. If you are tasked with the administration, management or oversight of training and development technologies, or if you aspire to manage learning technologies, this program will be of value.

      There are no prerequisites to register, making this certificate ideal for anyone seeking to further their L&D career.

      What to Expect 

      Before the program, you will receive a student workbook that you will use during the course and access to toolkit of job aids to help you apply course concepts on the job.

      Upon course completion, you will be awarded a certificate of achievement and a digital badge to designate your expertise with your network on social media.

      This virtual certificate program takes place over two four-hour sessions.

      Learn how the Managing Learning Technologies certificate can help you earn recertification credits for other leading HR and training certifications, including SHRM, HRCI and ATD credentials.


      Average: 5 Stars

        • Excellent intro to LMS management! This course was an excellent introduction to LMS Management. Recommended for people who are tasked with choosing an LMS for their organization, or for those who need to manage the LMS they are currently using. Instructor was knowledgeable and kept things moving along at the perfect pace.”
        • Great course and great content! Learning Technologies training was simply outstanding and gained a very good insight on what are the technologies that are available out there in the market. The facilitator really helped us collaborate and learn. Dan was simply superb at what he does!”

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