Learning Analytics Workshop


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      What You’ll Learn 

      During this workshop, you will learn how to:

      • Integrate better analytics practices into your existing assessment and evaluation processes.
      • Evaluate sources of data to identify and gather the right information to support decision making.
      • Define and interpret the different types of learning analytics; descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive.
      • Leverage technology to improve data collection, diagnosis, and analysis.
      • Interpret data visualizations and determine which visualizations are appropriate based on your data and objectives.
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        Who Should Take This Course?

        The ability to perform learning analytics is becoming an increasingly in-demand skill for learning professionals. For many, this can be intimidating. Most learning professionals aren’t data scientists, and many have very little background or support when it comes to developing learning analytics strategy and processes. Luckily, learning analytics doesn’t have to be as complicated as it sounds.

        Learning analytics is an essential part of any organization’s learning strategy. Effective, well-informed decision-making, budgeting, and strategic planning rely on insights provided by data collection and analysis. The better you understand what’s possible with learning analytics, the better able you will be to answer more learning questions, and the more confidence you will have in the recommendations you bring to your stakeholders.

        There are no prerequisites to register, making this workshop ideal for anyone seeking to further their L&D career.

        What to Expect 

        This highly interactive half-day workshop will give you the foundation you need to begin incorporating more effective analytics practices into your organization. Following the analytics process from start to finish, this workshop will provide tools and techniques for data collection, preparation, analysis, and presentation.

        This virtual Workshop takes place over one four-hour half day.

        Learn how the Learning Analytics Workshop can help you earn recertification credits for other leading HR and training certifications, including SHRM and ATD credentials.

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