Certified Professional in Training Management (CPTM™)


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      What You’ll Learn

      The Certified Professional in Training Management (CPTM™) program is the only credential focused specifically on your role as training manager/learning leader. As a CPTM, you will gain the skills needed to manage training programs aligned with current — and future — business goals. CPTM offers the foundational knowledge you need to leverage learning for business outcomes and, ultimately, demonstrate your expertise in training management and position L&D as a critical business asset.

      When you earn your CPTM, you’ll demonstrate your ability to successfully perform the core training manager responsibilities and competencies outlined in Training Industry’s Training Manager Competency Model™, including:

      • Ensuring strategic alignment between your company’s training department and key business goals.
      • Selecting and managing resources, including working with internal employees and training vendors to develop and deliver training.
      • Identifying training needs by consulting with stakeholders and using needs assessments.
      • Developing and delivering training solutions that meet business needs.
      • Evaluating individual and organizational performance to ensure your learning and development processes are meeting business needs and improving performance.
      • Optimizing training processes for efficiency and business impact.
      • Managing the technologies and technical personnel needed to develop, manage and deliver training.

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      Who Should Take This Program?

      The CPTM program is ideal for anyone seeking to further their learning and development (L&D) career by developing strategic practices and skills focused on the business of learning.  CPTMs have diverse backgrounds but share a desire to lead a high performing training organization. While many CPTM candidates currently lead a training department, others aspire to become a training manager and still others sit in external consultant roles and desire gain a strong understanding of what their clients jobs entail.

      Because of this diversity, there are no prerequisites to become a CPTM: The program is designed to provide all of the development, strategies, and competencies that you need in your role as a training. To determine whether CPTM is a good fit for you, take this short quiz.

      What to Expect

      Earn your certification in as little as two months!

      • Step 1: Prework — The CPTM prework consists of 10 self-paced eLearning modules to prepare you for your practicum and CPTM exam. We recommend that you plan to spend two to five hours per module, or 20 to 50 hours in total; we also recommend that when you register above, you select a practicum date that gives you four to six weeks to complete all 10 modules. This prework will help you get the most out of the hands-on practicum.
      • Step 2: Practicum — The CPTM practicum is a highly interactive, virtual instructor-led (VILT) learning experience that takes place over the course of four, six-hour days. The practicum is focused on helping you apply the concepts you’ve learned to real-world scenarios. It also offers ample opportunities to discuss and debrief with your peers through team-based activities and breakout sessions. Practicums are conducted using a virtual platform that mimics the in-person classroom experience and allows participants to engage with the instructor, and each other, with ease.
      • Step 3: Exam — Passing the CPTM exam is your last step in achieving certification. The two-and-a-half-hour online exam can be accessed at any time following the completion of your practicum and consists of 100 multiple-choice questions designed to test both your knowledge of the core principles needed to effectively manage corporate training programs and your ability to apply them in various realistic scenarios. Learners must receive a score of 70% or higher to pass the exam and earn the CPTM credential. Upon passing the exam, you will receive a CPTM certificate recognizing your achievement as well as a digital badge to designate your expertise with your network on social media. CPTM registration includes two free attempts at the CPTM exam.

      All practicums are currently conducted virtually.

      Learn how the CPTM program can help you earn recertification credits for other leading HR and training certifications, including SHRM and ATD credentials.

      Team Discount

      The CPTM program aligns your team around research-based best practices that will transform how your organization manages corporate training. For maximum value and business impact, customize a program to certify your entire learning and development (L&D) team.

      Use discount code TEAM10 to receive 10% off your order when you purchase 2 or more products.

      Learn more about team certification here.

      You can also contact us for special rates such as government and non-profit discounts.


      CPTM FAQs

      I’m having trouble registering or processing payment for CPTM or another course.

      Give us a call at 919-653-4989 and we can help you get registered now, or you can contact us here.

      How long does the CPTM program take to complete? How far in advance of my practicum should I get started? Is there a deadline to register?

      The CPTM program can be completed in as few as two months! We recommend allowing 4-6 weeks to complete the self-guided eLearning portion before your scheduled live, instructor-led practicum. For the 10, self-guided eLearning modules, you can plan to spend 2-5 hours per module, or 20-50 hours total and it's highly recommended that you complete these before your practicum begins. There is no deadline to register for a specific practicum. However, sessions tend to sell out quickly, so we recommend a session that’s at least four weeks away to ensure that you have time to complete the prework portion.

      What are my payment options? My company is paying for my registration. How can I have them make payment? Do you offer discounts?

      Registration is available anytime online on the CPTM store page where pricing will be reflected in your local currency. Simply select the practicum date you’d like to attend and submit your payment. You’ll receive access to our learning portal shortly after registration, where you’ll be able to get started on the prework. You can pay via credit card online. If you’d like to request an invoice or pay via check, ACH/bank transfer, or split the payment into two equal transactions, please contact us here so we can walk you through that process.

      We offer discounts for military, government and nonprofit businesses. To find out if you are eligible for a discount, please contact us so we can help.

      What is the CPTM program based on? Is it accredited?

      The CPTM program is based on Training Industry’s research-backed Training Manager Competency Model™ which specifies the core responsibilities of a training manager and the competencies needed to perform them successfully. While CPTM is not yet accredited, it is internationally recognized and serves as a recertification partner for other leading and internationally recognized credentials, including those offered by both SHRM and ATD. Furthermore, companies worldwide employ and seek to hire CPTMs.

      Do I have to be in an L&D role to take this course? Are there prerequisites?

      You do not need to currently be in an L&D role to take this certification. The program offers you plenty of hands-on experience and is ideal for anyone focused on developing their training manager competencies. It is applicable for those at all levels of experience and backgrounds, and the prework is designed to give each learner the support they need to create a foundational understanding of training management best practices.

      I’m looking for a practicum date that’s in my time zone.

      Practicum dates are offered across different time zones to include morning and evening sessions. To view the session dates that are available in your time zone, visit our interactive Courses Calendar and click on your desired time zone. If you need help selecting a practicum date or with anything else, you can schedule a free consultation with a professional development representative.

      What are the requirements to earn the CPTM credential?

      The practicum portion of the CPTM program is virtual, instructor lead training (VILT) where you will participate alongside other L&D professionals via Zoom over the course of four days. There are practice tests available in the prework, however you’ll want to study the eLearning material as well as the practicum material to best prepare you for the exam. The CPTM exam pass rate is over 85% for those who complete both steps. You will have six months to take the exam, with two attempts that are included in the cost of the program. If needed, additional exam attempts can be purchased on their own.

      Does the certification expire? Do I still have access to the training materials after completing the course?

      As a CPTM, you'll have access to the continually updated body of knowledge and materials as soon as you complete your certification. The certification must be renewed every two years by completing 24 continuing professional development credit hours (e.g., attending webinars, participating in alumni exclusive roundtables, completing company projects, etc.) alongside a processing fee. Training Industry provides CPTM alumni with several continuing education opportunities that count toward recertification, which are available to alumni at no additional cost. You can learn more about those opportunities here. You’ll have a dedicated alumni advocate to walk you through this simple process step by step to ensure that you're able to easily maintain your credential over time.

      We are looking for a program for our L&D team. Can we certify our group through CPTM and is there a corporate team discount?

      The CPTM program is an excellent way to align your team around research-based best practices that will transform how your organization manages corporate training. For maximum value and business impact, work with Training Industry Courses to customize a program to certify your entire learning and development (L&D) team. You can request a quote or schedule a call with our director of professional development to discuss your team’s training options. If you’re ready to register now, you can use the discount code TEAM10 at checkout to receive 10% off your order when you purchase two or more seats in the same course, including CPTM.

      Still have questions? Read more CPTM FAQs here or contact us here.