2022 Tech & Services Bundle

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      • What's included & what's not
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      What You'll Learn

      By investing in our State of the Industry report bundle, you will gain invaluable insights into the current state of the market. Here's a glimpse of what you can expect to learn:

      • What services and technologies training is and how it has changed over the past few years.
      • The technical training landscape and the key drivers that are increasing the demand for technology training in organizations.
      • Projections on the size of the online learning libraries, learning services and the learning tech training markets to better identify how and where to expand your organization’s customer reach in 2023.
      • While these reports are from 2022, they are forward-looking with predictions for future markets.

      What's included & what's not?

      • Included in these reports:
        • Market Sizing
          • Learn about the size of the global and North American corporate training market, the breakdown of spending, including internal and external spending, and the size of the global and North American technical training market.
        • Sourcing Practices
          • Find out how providers offer these training programs, how providers sell their programs and insights on the current buyer experience.
        • Market Insights
          • Discover the types of jobs using technical training, which industries are receiving these trainings, clients’ biggest training challenges, in-demand specializations, the technical training audience, sourcing practices, how programs are delivered (modalities) and how delivery has changed.
        • 2022 Top 20 Sales Training Companies.
        • Mergers, acquisitions and funding in the training market.
      • What's not included:
        • Benchmarking.
        • Geo-splits.
        • Demographics.
        • Expenditure per employee.
        • Learning hours used per employee.
        • Expenditures as a percentage of payroll.
        • Payroll and revenue.

      Who Is This Report For?

      • Learning and development professionals.
      • Technical training managers.
      • Learning technology, online learning libraries and learning services training companies.
      • Buyers and suppliers looking for:
        • Market education.
        • Competitive insights.
        • Data-driven research.
        • Information regarding strategic decisions and investments.

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